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BASW – The Chutzpah of Social Work

February 21, 2011

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BASW letter to Government, Dated: 24-Jan-2011

BASW letter to The College of Social Work, Dated: 21-Jan-2011

Download full versions of letters: https://collegesofsocialwork.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/letters-to-and-from-basw-cosw-and-deparment-of-education-on-cosw-unison-and-government-funding/

3rd March 2010
Mr Dawson stressed that the college would have a distinctive identity and would not be dominated by BASW. Other organisations representing social workers will be invited to join in setting up the college, including Unison, Aspect, Unite, NIPSA and the Emergency Social Services Association. Service user organisations will also be asked to take part.

22 Jan 2010
This isn’t about BASW . It’s about ensuring that we have a UK (not national)  College which can drive the fundamental transformation that the profession of social work needs. That means a College which has a real impact on career structures,on pay, on the support given by employers and on the quality of initial training and continuing professional development. That means a College which is led by social workers from the start and which is potent enough to attract them to join. It must be independent  and strong…BASW are going to get this right”


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